We Kill Killer Bees

Bees can pose a serious health and safety risk to both people and animals. A single bee sting can be a painful inconvenience to some, but to others who are more sensitive to its venom, it can be a life-threatening event.

In recent years,  Africanized “killer” bees have become more common in parts of the United States and in the Phoenix area in particular. Although the sting of the killer bee is no more potent that the sting of a traditional European bee, Africanized bees are more defensive than their European counterparts, are more likely to swarm and thus, tend to sting in large numbers.

Because of the aggressive nature of these types of bees, hiring an experienced professional to eliminate this pest is absolutely necessary. All of our technicians are trained to take every precaution when performing a bee removal service. We’re equally concerned with your safety as we are with our own.

If you’ve got a bee problem around your commercial building or residence, don’t take the risk of waiting to see whether or not the bees are aggressive. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

What to do if you’ve been stung

  • Head to a safe indoor location
  • Gently remove the stinger if it is still in the skin by using a flat object like a fingernail or credit card. Do not use an instrument that could pinch the stinger such as pliers, since this will increase the amount of venom transferred from the stinger.
  • Apply a cold compress to help with the pain and swelling
  • If you’ve been stung multiple times and/or are noticing unexpected physiological symptoms such as burning, excessive swelling, body rash, difficulty breathing, weakness, nausea, or shock, then seek immediate medical attention!