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7 amazing facts about termites

January 29th, 2019

7 amazing facts about termites

Did you know that people estimate there are about 1,000 pounds of termites for each person in the world? That shows just how common and widespread these pests are. Despite their destructive nature, there are some amazing facts about termites that you might not be aware of.

Fact 1: Termites Can Do Some Good

When termites stay outdoors, they can be beneficial. Termites play a role in getting rid of rotting wood and other vegetation. This is important for the environment since it helps with the creation of fresh soil for trees and plants. By eating this material, termites help ensure that plant-eating animals have a steady supply of food sources.

Fact 2: Termites Are Afraid of Ants

Ants might not seem tough, but termites fear them. One of the most interesting facts about termites is that ants are among the natural predators that destroy these bugs. Seeing ants in your yard can mean that termites won’t establish a colony on your property. While you may not need to worry about a termite problem if you have ants around, you also don’t want to encourage an ant infestation in your yard.

Fact 3: Termites Lay Tons of Eggs

One of the more disturbing facts about termites is the queens are able to lay thousands of eggs each day. In fact, African termite queens have been known to lay 30,000 eggs daily. Since termite queens are able to lay eggs roughly every 15 seconds and can live for decades, that adds up to millions of eggs. This is one of the reasons why termites can be so destructive when they get inside homes.

Fact 4: Termites Have Huge Appetites

Termites spend much of their time feeding, which can lead to a tremendous amount of damage in a home. These bugs don’t sleep or go into hibernation. This leaves them with a lot of time to go around eating wood in homes. How much wood are termites able to eat? Facts about termites show that these bugs can consume up to 1,000 pounds of wood per year. They can do a ton of damage over a long period of time before you even notice them.

Fact 5: Termites Can Be Tasty

If you’re worried about these bugs, one of the more positive facts about termites is that they serve as food sources for some animals. Birds, lizards, bugs, and other animals feed on termites. This can help keep their numbers down and lower the risk of a large infestation. Some people include termites in their diets due to the nutrition they offer. Other people eat termites for health reasons.

Fact 6: Termites Have Been Around for a Long Time

Termites are among the oldest insects around. These pests are believed to be around 250 million years old. Fascinating facts about termites include where they’re found. These bugs are on nearly every continent. In the United States, the only state that doesn’t have them is Alaska.

Fact 7: Termites Are Good Builders

Termites can build mounds that are several feet high. Notable facts about termites show that the largest mound was around 42 feet tall. They also construct nests and tunnels underground. Some termite species build mud tubes, which provide them with a safe way to get to and from their nests. You might see these mud tubes attached to your home if you have termites.

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