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8 ways to know you’re working with the best in termite control

February 5th, 2022

8 ways to know you’re working with the best in termite control

Arizona do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners are the best! DIY property owners are savvy, smart, and they research to find solid solutions to home maintenance and repair issues. The smartest DIY homeowners schedule regular, professional termite control treatments.

There are many termite control companies in The Valley because termites are a big problem here. So how can you know you’re working with the best termite control professionals?

Seek Quality, Affordability With Local Termite Control

You may consider supporting a local pest control company preferable to working with a chain-store company. There’s much to be said for keeping local money… local. But when it’s all said and done, you should have the best termite control available at an affordable price.

Government spending is scrutinized a lot these days. But even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says to look for quality and value in a professional termite control company. It’s just smart to seek affordable termite control no matter where you live.

It helps if your pest control company specializes in termites. It should be able to prove years of successful termite elimination and prevention in Arizona. For over 25 years, Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination meets every quality termite control service and value standard.

Budget Brothers for the Best Termite Inspection, Prevention, Extermination

You’ll never go wrong if you ask the right questions. So here are eight questions and answers about Arizona termite control:

1. Q: Can I contact previous customers? Do you have testimonials?
No company should say they have “secrets,” including their references, unless some are public figures. (“Alice Cooper home has real spiders! News at 6.”) Budget Brothers is happy to share customer reviews and testimonials.

2. Q: Do I have treatment options?
The answer should be yes. Professional termite companies are qualified to use injected sprays or foams, surface sprays, and other types of wood treatments. Budget Brothers will always recommend termite control treatments that are good for your family.

3. Q: Do you have a guarantee?
Budget Brothers guarantees its termite control treatments.

4. Q: Do you offer free quotes?
The answer should be yes. But don’t confuse “quotes” with “estimates.” Quotes can change. A written estimate for services offers a detailed explanation of what services are included. Budget Brothers will beat any written estimate from any competitor.

5. Q: How can I verify your license?
Check with the Arizona Dept. of Agriculture to verify pest control company licenses. Budget Brothers will provide copies of licensing, bonding, and insurance.

6. Q: How many years have you been in business?
Budget Brothers has served this area – your area – for over 25 years.

7. Q: What are your payment options?
Reputable pest professionals that live and work in your community will be able to offer several payment options. Companies that want money upfront and offer no payment plans may not “plan” to be around very long. Budget Brothers offers online payments to work with your budget.

8. Q: What termiticide do you recommend?
A reputable pest control professional should knowably speak to any termite control products that may be used. Budget Brothers often recommends DuPont Altriset®, but may offer other termite treatments.

When you’re ready to work with the best in termite control, call Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination today!

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