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Bed Bug Treatment

January 16th, 2018

You don’t have bed bugs because you’re dirty, a lousy housekeeper, or your bedding is not clean. Bed bugs are not drawn to dirt. They are attracted to warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide; a certain combination if you’re human.

In November 2017, fifteen bed bug infestations surfaced in Phoenix at a coffee house, movie theater, schools, and other public locations, according to the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services Department (MCESD). If you have to deal with bed bugs in your home or business, don’t feel embarrassed and don’t feel alone!

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped insects usually a reddish-brown color. They may be somewhat flat, like an apple seed. Bed bugs do not carry or transmit disease and do not fly. Even though they need blood to survive, they can also survive many months without it. Bed bug bites can produce skin rashes, irritation/itching, allergic reactions, and can cause anemia in children and elderly adults.

So You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Don’t panic and don’t begin hauling furniture to the curb! If you see signs that you may have bed bugs, do your own inspection. Bed bug indicators include:

  • Shed bug-like “skins” on bedding/furniture
  • Small bloodstains on fabric (bedding, furniture, etc.)
  • Black or reddish-brown spots on fabric or in nearby cracks/crevices

If you have any signs of bed bugs, begin your inspection:

  • Check furniture.
  • Examine bed frames.
  • Inspect wallpaper, switch plates, curtains.
  • Look behind the headboard.
  • Look under bedding and check mattress/box spring seams/tags.
  • Lift rugs and carpet if possible.

Bed bug treatment from the professionals at Budget Brothers Termite & Pest can eliminate these unwanted visitors.

How Bed Bugs Came to Visit You

Bed bugs are hitchhikers! If you or anyone else visited a site where bed bugs live, you may never see them but can bring them home on clothing or in luggage. If you live in multi-unit housing, even condos and apartments can share a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs like to travel, and they usually move between 1-5 a.m. They feed within 10 minutes, then go back into hiding.

Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs

If you find bed bugs, the first thing to do is to contact Budget Brothers Termite & Pest to schedule bed bug treatment. If you are renting, alert your landlord immediately. Here is what you can do to prepare for your bed bug treatment and help eliminate and prevent bed bugs in your home or business:

  • Vacuum around sleeping areas and place contents in a plastic bag, seal, and put in outside garbage container.
  • Wash exposed bedding, plush toys, clothing, etc. on hottest possible settings and dry on high heat in the dryer.

If you have an older home or property, you might consider:

  • Replacing wood bed frames with metal and eliminating headboards
  • Painting wood furniture white; filling gaps with caulk
  • Encasing mattress/box springs with zippered, vinyl covers
  • Using white or light-colored sheets

If your landlord or property owner does not respond quickly to a bed bug complaint with professional bed bug treatment services, contact Maricopa County Environmental Services Department.

Pest Control & Bed Bug Treatment for Phoenix

When the professionals at Budget Brothers Termite & Pest respond to your request for pest control treatment, we’ll work to find a cause for your bed bug infestation. Have you recently returned from a trip? What about where you work? What public places do you frequent that may harbor bed bugs?

We’ll also help you understand this is not your fault. We’ve been serving good people like you for over 25 years, and our reputation is built on the superior quality of our service to Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding communities. It’s important we do the best possible work for our neighbors because we live here, too. Call or contact us for more information.

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