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Cockroach control in Phoenix, AZ

January 24th, 2018

You may be tempted to do-it-yourself when it comes to cockroach control for your home or business. Phoenix residents have to watch out for sewer roaches which can come up through the pipes in your home (especially plumbing that runs out of bathrooms or sinks that you do not use on a regular basis.)

There are some steps you can take for cockroach control, but ultimately, a professional pest control company is your strongest ally in fighting these dirty bugs.

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Observation and Maintenance

You will definitely notice if a cockroach crosses your path in your home, but before this happens you should walk around the outside of your property.

Notice if there are any cockroaches, but more importantly, look for any cracks in the seals of your windows and door thresholds. You can put bait out for cockroach control, but you still should monitor the area for infestation. In Phoenix, these nasty bugs are likely to come up through your plumbing. One way to prevent them from entering your home is to run water through all pipes on a regular basis. Some of your plumbing is designed with a “trap” that collects water. If this water dries up, the cockroaches have easy entry to your home. Observation and maintenance are essential for cockroach control.

Tips for Cockroach Control

Keeping your drains clean and covered with a mesh basket is another way to keep cockroaches from invading. Make sure you have no leaks in your outdoor plumbing. Fix any leaking problems immediately. Cockroaches need water to drink and are leaking pipes are attractive to them.

Cleanliness is Important

Other ways you can manage cockroach control is to have eating confined to the kitchen. It is very important to keep floors clean from spilled food or crumbs and to sanitize counters and kitchen surfaces. Keeping food sealed in containers will prevent problems as well. German cockroaches are another kind of bug that can become a problem in your home. Prevent an infestation of them by recycling or removing cardboard. You need to eliminate as much clutter in storage areas to control them as well.

The City of Phoenix is Helping You Control Cockroaches

Every year, the water services department paints a latex based insecticide on about 38,000 of the city’s manholes. This paint is guaranteed for two years for cockroach control. Also, the city recommends pouring bleach down your drains to deter cockroaches. They also mention that boric acid and diatomaceous earth dry out the cockroach and kill it. You can visit their water services website to learn more about steps you can take for cockroach control.

Professional Pest Control is Best

Even if you are careful with maintenance and cleanliness there are no guarantees that you can manage cockroach control of infestations on your own. Budget Brothers Termite & Pest has the equipment and trained employees to make sure the cockroaches do not become a dangerous and dirty problem in your home.

Call Budget Brothers Termite & Pest for a fast and affordable solution for cockroach control. We are family owned and operated with 25 years of experience in the Phoenix Valley. We are determined to provide you with excellent customer service and we believe that you will be pleased with service from our highly trained employees.

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