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Do carpenter bees sting?

November 26th, 2018

Do carpenter bees sting?

As the temperatures start to rise in the spring, you may notice more bees flying around. Most bees are active during the warmer months; however, day after day of 100 degree Arizona weather can slow them down a little.

According to the Pollinator Partnership, there are over 1,300 native species of ground-nesting bees in Arizona. Carpenter bees are one of the many species and are often confused with bumble bees. A common question is if carpenter bees sting.

Carpenter Bee Appearance and Behavior

Carpenter bees are anywhere from 1/2 to one inch long. They have black and yellow markings on their bodies. A male will have a white or yellow patch on his face. Female faces will be completely black. Carpenter bees are often confused with bumble bees; but, unlike a bumble bee, a carpenter bee has a shiny, black abdomen.

Unlike many other bees, carpenter bees tend to be solitary. Even if there’s a nest nearby, they prefer to have their own space and don’t usually travel together. If you happen to see a group of carpenter bees, it’s probably because something was by their home and they’re trying to protect it.

Do carpenter bees sting?

Carpenter bees tend to be docile. Although females do have a stinger, it’s unlikely you’ll be stung unless you provoke them. Male carpenter bees don’t have stingers; however, they may buzz in your face to try to intimidate you if you’re invading their territory.

What should you do around carpenter bees?

Now that you know what a carpenter bee looks like and how they typically behave, you may be wondering what you should do if you see one buzzing around your property. First of all, don’t panic. Remember, carpenter bees sting only when necessary.

Although you probably don’t need to worry about aggressive attacks from carpenter bees, they can be a nuisance. As their name suggests, they love wood. Whether it’s your favorite tree, your wooden deck, or the trim on your home, these bees excavate tunnels to build their homes. This gives them a safe place to lay their eggs.

If you notice a carpenter bee or tunnels in your wood, it’s best to call Budget Brothers right away. They can help locate the issue and remove it as quickly and safely as possible.

Call the Professionals

Although bees are essential to our ecosystem, they can be a nuisance and a danger when they impact the safety of your family or the structure of your home. If you’re ready to schedule bee removal for your home or business, contact Budget Brothers today.

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