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How hard is it to kill scorpions?

March 4th, 2021

How hard is it to kill scorpions?

Scorpions are difficult to eliminate, In fact, many people believe pesticides won’t kill scorpions. That’s a myth. There are effective professional pesticides that can successfully target and kill scorpions. They are only good for a set timeframe. Then you should regularly schedule professional scorpion treatment for your property.

Another myth is that the winter cold will kill scorpions. You’re not likely to see scorpion activity when February temperatures dip into the 30s. But it doesn’t kill scorpions. They hibernate during cold weather.

To Kill Scorpions, You Must Understand Their Physiology

If you don’t understand the biology of scorpions, you would treat a scorpion infestation by spraying down, along baseboards and floor corners. But scorpions like to hang upside-down and vertical, not horizontal. Scorpions walk on tippy-toes, so they barely come into physical contact with the materials anyway.

That’s why it’s really, really difficult to kill scorpions.

In fact, it’s always been less about the chemicals and more about how and where the pesticide is applied. This is why pest control professionals have more success than DIYers (do-it-yourselfers).

Previously, if you wanted to kill scorpions, you enlisted your local pest elimination company. But the scorpions always returned.

Until now.

One Treatment. No More Scorpions. Forever.

One Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel application will prevent scorpions from infesting your home forever. We offer a 5-year guarantee, but at the same time, we know it’s a permanent solution to the scorpion problem in Maricopa County and other Arizona communities.

In previous years, our scorpion control treatment made Budget Brothers Termite & Pest elimination the most effective professional scorpion control and elimination company in Arizona. Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel takes this process to a whole new dimension. It’s the only 100%-effective way to keep scorpions out of your home.

It is environmentally friendly and guaranteed to work:

  1. First, we kill scorpions already making themselves at home inside your home.
  2. Liquid compounds are then applied to the structure’s base. Once Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel dries, it leaves a smooth, invisible finish that scorpions can’t climb.

It’s completely safe. If pets or children “get into” the product before it dries (24-72 hours), contact us. We’ll need to make sure the surface integrity is okay and will remain effective. But there won’t be any health risks to your loved ones.

6 Ways to Deter Scorpions

If you don’t have pets, small children, or seniors living in your home, an occasional scorpion sting isn’t going to be a problem. Even an Arizona bark scorpion sting isn’t likely to kill you, but it’s extremely unpleasant.

If you’re on the waiting list for Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel, here are a few things to do that will make your home more scorpion-proof:

  1. “Seal” your home or commercial property. Look for cracks and tiny openings then seal them. Look for electrical lines or plumbing pipe entry points. There are plenty of products that will help close the exterior gaps scorpions love to access.
  2. Avoid overwatering houseplants and yard shrubs/lawn. Scorpions are attracted to standing water and they can live a long time without food if you provide a water source.
  3. Plant lavender in flower beds near your exterior foundation.
  4. Raise plants off the floor and put them on stands. Scorpions love hiding under potted plants.
  5. Remove woodpiles, rockpiles, and any yard debris. These are scorpion shelters.
  6. Trim-back plants that touch your home’s exterior.

Schedule Your Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel Service Now for Later

Are you thinking about getting rid of scorpions once and for all? Take action. If you’re unsure, schedule your scorpion elimination treatment today and choose a later month. You’ll then be on the waiting list and your pest control visit will be prioritized.

In the olden days, your great-grandparents would set aside money to pay for a new refrigerator or car. These days, you can finance appliances and vehicles, but some people would rather not pay interest rates.

Budget Brothers Termite & Pest understands financial challenges and we’ll do what we can to make your pest control solution affordable. Contact us to learn more.

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