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How to get rid of scorpions

March 3rd, 2022

How to get rid of scorpions

“No one knows how to get rid of scorpions.” That’s never been completely true. Your pest professional can temporarily eliminate scorpions in your home and yard. Insects are a scorpion’s food source. Scheduling regular pest control treatments outside can eliminate insects around your foundation.

So, you can get rid of scorpions, but they will return.

How To Get Rid of Scorpions (Or Make Them Feel Unwelcome)

To keep scorpions at bay, it helps to understand what attracts them. Insects, of course. Scorpions do most of their hunting at night. So, they are also attracted to dark, moist places where they can hide during the day.

Did you know you can buy a 100% safe ultrasonic pest “repeller?” It’s not like a fun-to-watch bug-zapper. This device emits sonic waves to keep bugs away. It’s 100% safe because it 100% won’t work.

The best way to minimize scorpions in your home or in the yard is to eliminate hiding places and food supplies. Here are DIY (do-it-yourself) tips that will help prevent scorpion activity:


  • Eliminate all standing water. If you have areas that don’t properly drain, seek professional plumbing advice.
  • Get rid of piles of rocks, wood, brush, leaves…any kind of debris cluster is inviting to scorpions, no matter how neatly stacked.
  • Inspect your home’s foundation and seal any cracks or crevices you find. Do the same around windows and doors as well as all outside walls.
  • Keep your lawn well-trimmed.
  • Trim-back branches that hang over your roof.
  • Window and door seals should be airtight. Replace seals and door sweeps that are loose.


  • After meals, clean tables/dishes promptly.
  • If you have no children or pets, place sticky traps throughout the house.
  • If you have no children or pets, sprinkle borax or diatomaceous earth in cabinets under sinks.
  • Keep insects out. Schedule regular, professional pest control services.
  • Put weatherstripping around doors and windows.
  • Remove clutter (magazines, books, laundry, etc.) in the house.
  • Removed all piles of clothing and shoes in bedrooms.
  • Sprinkle scents (cedar cinnamon, lavender, and peppermint) throughout your home.
  • Throw cardboard boxes out. If you must keep them, break them down and store on a shelf; not the floor.

Scorpions Are Hitchhikers

When considering how to get rid of scorpions in your home, it’s also important to understand how they get inside. Mainly, they enter through essential exterior openings.

Your home must have utility wires and pipes running in and out. You need air vents. Heating and cooling ducts are vented outside. Door jambs and windowsills eventually develop tiny cracks and openings. (Some scorpions can compress into credit-card size.)

Another way scorpions gain entry is hitchhiking. You take your wet shoes off outside, near the back door. Later, you remember to retrieve them. You take the shoes into the bedroom and toss them on the floor. The hitchhiking scorpion may or may not stay inside your shoes, but he’s in the house.

Scorpions hide in trash containers, lawn furniture, and potted plants. If it’s going to drop below freezing, you’ll bring your plants – and perhaps a scorpion or two – inside.

Finally! The Only Permanent Way To Get Rid of Scorpions

Someone finally knows how to get rid of scorpions and it’s Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination. We guarantee Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel for 5 years but we believe it will permanently prevent scorpions from entering your home.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is:

  • 100% effective
  • A deterrent to other crawling pests
  • Maintenance-free
  • Not a seal or coating
  • Pesticide-free
  • Priced specifically for your home

There’s one problem: Your home will be scorpion-free for so long you may forget all the scorpion survival skills you’ve learned to avoid painful stings.

We want you to learn more about this exciting scorpion preventive treatment, so ask questions! Then call Budget Brothers to request a free estimate.

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