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Know termite treatment cost upfront

February 24th, 2022

Know termite treatment cost upfront

“Chain” service companies can usually weather economic ups and downs. But local businesses don’t have set prices because their variables – material and employee expenses, cost of doing business – are never static.

When a local company provides services, it usually offers free estimates. Pest management companies’ estimates for termite elimination and prevention are “guesstimates.” The price you actually pay for termite treatment cost may be higher or lower. A “quote” is the bottom line. It should be written and delivered to the customer before service occurs.

Up-Front Termite Treatment Cost

When you have a termite infestation, you want an efficient, effective extermination treatment. Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination treatments aren’t cookie-cutter services. Still, we can provide an accurate estimate based on critical factors other companies don’t include.

The level of infestation and the specific location of termite activity are factors. Your building’s square footage and occupants’ general health are equally important. In Arizona, homes may have floating-slab foundations. We may need to drill into these solid cement slabs to solve a termite problem. This is an additional expense.

The average pest control company in The Valley won’t tell you about repairs. It’s not their business, anyway. Your termite infestation is our business, but we believe you need to know the kinds of repairs your home will require. We can guesstimate those expenses. And that’s included in our Budget Brothers comprehensive termite solution estimate.

Types of Termite Structural Damages

If a termite colony gets to the structures that support your home, they can render it unlivable until the damage is repaired. And it’s not just wood structures that are susceptible to termite damage. Termites also enjoy feeding on plaster, metal siding and insulation. HowStuffWorks

Subterranean termites are prevalent in South-Central Arizona. The property damage from subterranean termites is more than $2 billion every year. Some of the structural damages that are part of the overall termite treatment cost for U.S. homeowners include:

  1. Decks – Wood porches and decks are connected to the soil in your yard. This forms a direct path for termites to work “from the ground up” and inflict damage to the structure.
  2. Door/window casings – Tiny cracks or chips around doors and windows are all termites need to gain entry.
  3. Interior – Termites damage carpets and furniture, too. Minor but visual damage to interior walls, paneling, ceilings, and floors must be repaired.
  4. Structural – The behind-the-scenes wood support areas for your roof, floors, and walls can suffer the most extensive (and expensive) kind of termite damage.

Take Advantage of Budget Brothers Termite Inspection Services

When you request a Budget Brothers termite elimination estimate, you’ll get total-solution information. It’s an estimate, but it’s based on years of professional termite inspection experience. Official termite inspections must include damage reports and repair estimates.

You don’t have to be a Realtor or a mortgage finance company to request a termite inspection. We can assess your residential or commercial property and email our photos and findings before we leave the property. You’ll have time to ask questions while we’re still on-site if necessary.

Termite treatment options vary, but we’ll make our recommendations based on your specific situation. Remember: Prevention is the best medicine. Rather than risk the expenses of repairing termite damage in Arizona, schedule termite prevention treatments that include the best warranty and most affordable prices.

Call Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination to learn more.

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