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Phoenix the Buggiest City

February 7th, 2016

picture of a roof of a house in phoenix arizona. this image is being used to represent the prevalence of roof rats in phoenix arizona and how important it is to hire budget brothers termite and pest elimination to solve any roof rat problems

We’re #1 and it’s bugging us.

You might think the desert is too hot for bugs but you’d be mistaken.

Thumbtack recently ranked Phoenix the #1 buggiest metropolitan area in the nation and it’s bugging us.

A competitor of Angie’s List (we’re big fans of theirs, we were recognized in 2014 by their Super Service Award), Thumbtack reviewed pest removal services for 159 of the biggest metro areas across the country. The categories included pest control services, bed bug extermination, outdoor pesticide application, and termite and pest inspections.

They make it sound like a bad thing that it’s so buggy here but we disagree.

We may have more bugs because Phoenix has perfect temperatures. There’s no snow or ice in the winter versus other places that freeze off their populations of pests like mosquitoes and ants.

We’ll take the bugs because you don’t have to shovel sunshine!

Monsoon season is a whole other story.

Just as the cold weather impacts the pests in colder climates, the rain makes Phoenix it a hot spot for mosquitoes that carry the West Nile or Zika viruses, swarms of nasty flies, and the good ol’ cockroach.

What does being in a buggy area mean for you?

Being here means being diligent about pest control services.

The most requested for pest control services in Phoenix, according to the Thumbtack report, included cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites, and scorpions.

It was surprising to us that bed bugs and bees didn’t make the list of top calls to pest control companies.

Our bees are known to be the aggressive, Africanized version. Also called killer bees, they came to Arizona in 1993 via a botched lab experiment in Brazil and have wreaked havoc on the docile honeybee population ever since. They take over a hive of honeybees with their own queen bee. Once infiltrated, the Africanized bees are known to attack anyone who gets in their way, including humans.

And as a rapidly growing community in the desert, Phoenix sees a lot of bed bug activity, in private homes as well as at hotels or apartment complexes. This problem is likely to get worse over time as the area keeps growing and as we continue to attract tourism because of events like the Super Bowl or the Phoenix Open.

If you’re an entomophobe (a person with an unrealistic fear of a variety of insects) you might consider moving to a bug-free zone like El Paso, Texas or Santa Cruz, California.

If not, you just need Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination to be your reliable, pest control partner for effective and affordable solutions.

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