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Pigeon Removal


Many people consider pigeons to be nothing more than flying rats. This is because pigeons and their droppings have been found to carry over 60 diseases and contribute to respiratory-related illnesses. Pigeon droppings also cause stains to any kind of surface when they are left to bake in the Arizona sun. Droppings that accumulate in roof valleys can end up causing leaks during rain by damming up and diverting the natural flow of water. Finally, pigeon droppings can cause significant problems with AC units.

Clean Before Installing

Before installing any materials on a property, we remove nests and bird debris. Here we have a commercial AC unit being protected by stealth net. We created a canopy by using net cable and telescopic poles. We then use weighed hose to keep the net secure to the roof. This installation protects the AC units and allows for easy access when units need to be serviced.

Pigeons often nest and roost in coves and under roof transitions. These can be secured with net or hardware cloth. Common roosting sites include ledges above windows. We often use bird spike in this situation to prevent birds from roosting. Another product we can use is tension wire, it is less visible, but provides the same protection. Tension wire can also be used on parapet walls, such as this one, to keep pigeons from landing and defecating below.

Solar & Other Sites

Solar panels are excellent coverage for pigeons looking for a nesting site. We use special clips that fasten to the base of the solar panels and it holds the hardware cloth in place.

Other jobs require a more discrete method of protection. This storefront sign has a nest in it. We will utilize bird gel as a physical deterrent. Optical gel discs are a unique product that are used as a visual deterrent. This will assist in keeping this storefront sign bird free. Other reflective visual deterrents may be necessary to keep pigeons away. Reflective visual deterrents are also effective at keeping woodpeckers and other birds away as well.

Pigeons and Other Small Birds

Shipping and receiving docks are notorious for nesting sites of pigeons and other small birds. This can cause problems for the products being delivered, the vehicles transporting the products, and the people working under the nesting sites. These jobs typically require a scissor lift, eye beam or magnet clips, brackets, and a whole lot of bird net and net cable. The zippers can be installed under light fixtures and other important areas to allow easy access when they need maintenance. When the net is installed, it has a clean look that will protect the area below.

If pigeons or other birds are causing problems on your property, you can give us a call today to schedule your free estimate.


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