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Bee & Wasp Pest Control

Bee and Wasp Removal in Arizona

Bees and wasps are a part of life but this doesn’t mean you should put your family or customers at risk.bee hive swarm prepping for the move of a hive in a phoenix backyard. this image is being used to represent the dangers of hive swarms and the need to call budget brothers termite and pest elimination to get rid of a bee hive swarm from your phoenix home

When they decide to build a hive on your property, there’s only one solution for the problem – contacting Budget Brothers Termite & Pest.

Call our office and we will send a certified bee specialist out immediately to find and remove any bee or wasp issues.

A Budget Brothers Termite bee removal specialist will inspect the situation and remove the unwanted bees or wasps from your property.

Bees and wasps can pose a serious health and safety risk to both people and animals.

A single bee sting can be a painful inconvenience to some, but to others who are more sensitive to its venom, it can be a life-threatening event.

Budget Brothers bee removal specialists are trained to safely remove the bees or wasps from your property.

Dealing with Bee or Wasp Removal

In recent years,  Africanized “killer” bees have become more common in parts of the United States and in the Phoenix area in particular. Because of the aggressive nature of these types of bees, hiring an experienced Budget Brothers bee removal professional to eliminate this pest is absolutely necessary.

All of our technicians are trained to take every precaution when performing a bee removal service. We will only perform these services with a full bee suit.

If you’ve got a bee problem around your commercial building or residence, don’t take the risk of waiting to see whether or not the bees are aggressive.

Contact us or call 602-253-2495 today to schedule an appointment.

Tips if You’ve Been Stung by a Bee or Wasp

  • Head to a safe indoor location
  • Gently remove the stinger if it is still in the skin by using a flat object like a fingernail or credit card. Do not use an instrument that could pinch the stinger such as pliers, since this will increase the amount of venom transferred from the stinger.
  • Apply a cold compress to help with the pain and swelling
  • If you’ve been stung multiple times and/or are noticing unexpected physiological symptoms such as burning, excessive swelling, body rash, difficulty breathing, weakness, nausea, or shock, then seek immediate medical attention!

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Budget Brothers Termite and Pest Elimination is a family owned and operated company that has been proudly serving the Phoenix Valley for over 25 years.

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Ale J.

Love Budget Bros! Started using them after another company put me under contract without telling me. They’re affordable and do a great job. Vaughn has been a great technician and I’ll definitely be sticking with them for a long time.


Today, Jesse came and did the initial spray for our new place. He was friendly and gave some great pointers! This company was referred to us by a friend and I’m glad I chose them to begin our bi monthly plan to keep annoying bugs out of the house and property! Their prices are very […]