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Stop using a scorpion spray service, and use this instead

July 6th, 2021

Stop using a scorpion spray service, and use this instead

All of us – pest control professionals, homeowners, business owners – all of us do the best we can to control scorpions in Arizona. It’s safe to say no insect extermination or pest control company ever tried to rip you off by using ineffective scorpion seals, sprays, etc. They just didn’t work.

For many years, regular pest control using a scorpion spray service seemed like the best solution.

Say Goodbye to Scorpion Spray Service

If you buy a can of scorpion spray and spray it on a scorpion, it will die. If you spray around your baseboards, windows, and other popular scorpion entrances, it will work until it dries. In our heat, it dries quickly.

Until recently, professional scorpion spray service was the best method of controlling scorpions in homes and commercial buildings. By spraying every month with solutions that had longer-lasting protection, we could keep the scorpion population manageable.

It was the best we had, but it didn’t work. Scorpions are almost indestructible. They can live underwater for 2 days, survive up to a year without food, and have breathing holes that can block insecticides until they reach a safer location.

DE: Good Concept but Ineffective

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is made of fossilized diatoms and hard-shelled algae. Proponents say the powder is natural, safe, and kills scorpions.

Following prolonged exposure to DE, scorpions and other exoskeleton pests (ants, roaches, spiders…) are cut and dehydrated, which causes death. But here’s the problem: “prolonged exposure.” The consensus is it takes as long as 2 weeks to kill exposed scorpions, which is too long. (By then, you’ve got an infestation.) Plus it takes a large amount of DE powder.

And it doesn’t work:

  • It’s not that safe – Any type of airborne contaminant is a risk to youngsters, elderly, pets, and chronically ill family members.
    • Can irritate skin, eyes
    • May cause cough; shortness of breath
    • Nasal passages can become inflamed
  • There are 2 types of DE – Amorphous DE can be eliminated from the lungs quickly but crystalline DE can accumulate in lungs/lymph nodes.
  • Technically, DE should work – But in reality, diatomaceous earth is ineffective.
  • Well-fed scorpions may not partake – Scorpions in your yard may cross a diatomaceous earth line but still have plenty of time to enter your home. Scorpions in your home are in the happy place and the diatomaceous earth placement may be nowhere near where the scorpions live.

Scorpion Seals…Getting Closer to Scorpion Prevention

We finally figured there was no way to eliminate scorpions, so we needed to prevent them from entering our living spaces. No company ever said scorpion sealing would work. The most definitive statement was, “It helps discourage scorpions…” The process involves more than 20 steps and it doesn’t work.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel WORKS!

If you have a scorpion infestation, your Budget Brothers professionals will do whatever it takes to eliminate them. Then, it’s time for a 100% effective, guaranteed scorpion prevention treatment. Our Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is the “seal” that works.

Scorpions have tiny pincers that grip rough surfaces. A wall that appears smooth to you has just enough texture for a scorpion to scale. Scorpions cannot climb slick, smooth surfaces like glass.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is a glass-like substance that scorpions cannot grip. They can’t crawl into your home. We will surround your home with Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel. The first home was treated over 5 years ago and remains scorpion-free.

Contact Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination today to request a free estimate.

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