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Termite FAQ

May 12th, 2015

termites identified in a phoenix home

Your most asked questions about termites, infestations, and more answered here in this Termite FAQ.termites identified in a phoenix home

What are termites?

A throwback to the dinosaur era, termites are small insects that love nothing more than to eat cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls and vegetable fibers. When that’s not available, termites will eat fibrous products like paper and cardboard.

Where are termites found?

Termites can be found in your home, commercial, or industrial building. Often they are not found until they have done a significant amount of damage to the structure of the building.

My neighbor has termites. Should I have my home and yard checked?

YES! Termites love to travel and don’t stop at boundaries or fences so if your neighbor has an infestation, it’s likely the colony has spread to other yards and homes, including yours. Call Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination immediately to schedule an appointment!

What’s included in a termite treatment?

There are two approaches to getting termites out of your yard and home – repellant and non-repellant insecticides. Repellant insecticide acts as a deterrent for termites to nest away from your home and other termites to find a new food source. Non-repellant insecticides will affect the colony that is currently at or near your home but will not act as a deterrent.

Is termite treatment safe for pets and children?

Depends. Our termiticides are a near-odorless liquid placed around and under the home’s foundation. There is no exposure for pets or children – or you for that matter.

How many times a year should my home be treated for termites?

There is a common misconception that homes need to be treated for termites annually and that may not be the case. We recommend carrying the annual warranty for your last termite treatment. This way, if evidence of termites is found, you will be covered.

What are signs of termites?

Termites love moisture so it is particularly important to inspect your home during Phoenix rainy season for signs of termites. Sawdust-like residue, also called frass, inside or outside the home near cracks is a leave-behind of termites and some other pests. Mud tubes appearing along the foundation of the home or on walls or ceilings; they look like a line of mud but are actually tubes termites use for travelling.

If you see these signs of termites or a neighbor tells you their home is infested, it’s time for help.

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