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What is a scorpion seal?

October 29th, 2020

A “scorpion seal” is an attempt to plug and plaster every crack and possible insect entrance into your home’s exterior. The process isn’t all that effective, but all we had. Until now.

Companies offering a scorpion seal aren’t necessarily being dishonest. Like you, they’re simply looking for a way to keep scorpions out. You won’t find any company guaranteeing complete scorpion prevention with a scorpion seal treatment.

It’s difficult to predict how long a scorpion seal will be effective.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel takes us beyond home scorpion seal efforts. It is technologically proven to be the only way to prevent scorpions from entering your home.

Bark Scorpions: Biggest Threat to Maricopa County

There are more than 30 species of scorpions found in Arizona. One myth is that scorpion stings are almost always deadly. They aren’t. If your household has a newborn, elderly, chronically ill, or 4-legged loved ones, scorpion stings can have life-threatening complications.

Bark scorpions pose the biggest threat to Maricopa County residents and their pets. They are 2-3″ long and prefer dark, cool hideaways. Once inside your home, they can live 2-6 years.

Your pet is most likely to be stung at night. Signs your pet has been stung by a bark scorpion include difficulty breathing, skin swelling, drooling, paralysis. and even collapse. Yes, it’s nighttime but it’s serious. Wake your veterinarian for an emergency visit.

No More Scorpion Seal Treatments Forever

A scorpion seal can’t completely protect your property against scorpions. It’s scientifically impossible.

It can certainly reduce the number of scorpions that can get inside your home. But scorpions can squeeze themselves into cracks as thin as credit cards. Every time your home shifts – indeed, every time the wind blows – a new vulnerability presents itself. Scorpions take advantage of that.

The only effective scorpion seal would be to make your home completely airtight. That would also make it impossible to breathe indoors.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is the only product of its kind in the world. It’s 100% effective.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel for Phoenix, AZ Homes and Commercial Properties

Many homeowners have monthly scorpion control treatments, which helps property owners keep pesky and dangerous insects outside, where they belong.

What if there was a permanent, 100% effective, and guaranteed scorpion treatment available to your local Phoenix-area pest control professional? It’s like selling light bulbs that never burn out. Pest control companies might lose business selling a once-in-a-lifetime scorpion seal that works, once and for all.

  • A one-time application lasts for years.
  • Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is non-toxic and pesticide-free.
  • There’s no other product on the market that works like Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel.
  • Your home will be protected from scorpions, guaranteed.

How Does It Work and Why It Works Better Than a Scorpion Seal

Scorpions have tiny pincers that grip rough surfaces. A wall that appears smooth to you actually has more than enough texture for a scorpion to scale. Scorpions cannot climb slick, smooth surfaces like glass. That’s where the technology comes in.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is a glass-like substance scorpions cannot climb over or up. They can’t crawl into your home. We surround your home with our patent-pending Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel product. We’ll treat your foundation, doorways…any exterior site through which scorpions can enter.

Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination for The Only Permanent Scorpion Prevention

Your home should be a safe place. When you live with scorpions, you feel like every room in the house is a potential battleground. Ask us why a scorpion seal is no longer a viable treatment to prevent scorpions. We’ve got the best solution to scorpion prevention and we want to share it with you.

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