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Preparing your home for professional pest control

January 12th, 2018

budget brothers termite truck driven by a termite inspector on the job

You could let a professional pest control company treat your home without helping them at all. However, to get the best result, and effectively keep pests away after treatment, you need to do your part. Some tasks require maintenance to keep your property in good condition. You may need to take special measures if there are unusual pests showing up on your property.

Maintain Your Yard and Home

For your plants to do their best and your property to look good, you need to do regular maintenance. Inspect your home regularly for plumbing problems and leaks. If you notice cracks or leaks around windows, doors, wires, and utility pipes, then you should seal them up. These practices will also help when it is time to have a professional pest control company out to treat your home and yard.

Pick up toys and debris in your yard, so the technician at Budget Brothers Termite & Pest has the best access to your home and property to treat unwanted bugs.

Make Sure Your Property is Accessible

If you are not home when the pest control company comes, make sure they can open gates and have access to your home and property. You should make arrangements to have someone let the technician in if you won’t be home. Keep pets contained until the technician is finished with treatment. 

Schedule Professional Pest Control Visits

Consistent service from a pest control company will help keep pests away. At Budget Brothers, we recommend regular monthly pest control for your home. We’ll be able to inspect the home and identify any issues before they become significant problems.

Cleaning is Essential for Avoiding Pest Problems

As a professional pest control company, we appreciate when the homeowner helps keep the home clean. Clean your kitchen regularly to avoid attracting bugs such as cockroaches and ants. Vacuuming and washing linens in hot water will help keep fleas under control if you have pets. If you notice bed bugs or any other problem, be sure to call for professional pest control as soon as possible.

Be Aware That You May Need to Leave Your Home During Treatment

Certain kinds of professional pest control require you to leave your home for a short while. A technician treating for fleas will send you and any pets out of the house for about four hours. If you have a fish tank, make sure to cover it. Make sure to talk with the person doing your professional pest control to make sure that you understand what you need to do.

After Treatment Your Life Can Return to Normal Quickly

It does not take long for the pest control materials to dry. If you have kept your pets indoors during professional pest control, they can usually head back outside after about 15 minutes. Go on as usual after a small amount of time letting the treatment dry inside your home. You need to avoid cleaning or wiping anything up in the sprayed areas so that you do not remove the pesticides.

If you want the best result from professional pest control, it is essential to prepare your home before the technician treats your home.

For more information, call Budget Brothers today. We have been helping our customers keep their properties and homes free of termites and pests for over 25 years.

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